Our Mission- Our vision- Our Values


DSD Pharma ist a distributor for diagnostics, theranostics and radiopharmaceutical/medical devices in the field of nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals. Our headquarter is located near Vienna and approachable easily by public and private transportation. Our suppliers are international companies and partners, our strength is the innovative development of integrated solutions together with our customers.

Our Mission

DSD Pharma offers a product portfolio developed together at the bleeding edge of research to its customers. This ensures the safety of latest technologies for the HCP and the best available diagnosis/theranosis/therapy for the patient.

Our Vision

We contribute significantly to improve diagnostics, theranostics, therapy and the quality of life of patients. From the provision of radioactive nuclids including logistics to laboratory equipment, DSD Pharma is the competent partner in all questions of nuclear medicine.

Our Values

  • Innovation on a strong scientific base is the core value of DSD Pharma and an important element of our strategy and success.
  • Only based on a high quality of products we can ensure a reliable supply and gain confidence with our customers. Our consequent focus on highest quality includes improved standards and technologies as well as education and training of our staff.
  • Our dedication to nuclear medicine also demands the consequent implementation of and adherence to the latest safety standards exceeding the legal environment.
  • Our results-oriented team shows exceptional commitment to reach its goals. We strive for strengthening the dedication to this will for personal and team performance whereas keeping up our high ethical standards.